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 PFM features

 Better credit analysis

 Categorised transactions 

 Financial insights

 Digital boost to accounting

Already building Open Banking APIs in-house?

Become Open Banking compliant with Salt Edge in 3 months only

Full-stack toolkit for a seamless compliance experience

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Doing it in-house is expensive, time-consuming, and requires a team of programmers, architects, customer care and UX specialists with expertise in open banking. Are you ready for this? There is a much better option: choose a trusted partner with 10 years of experience globally. Choose Salt Edge. 

With 10 years in Open Banking, we can assist you with it all

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Are you ready for the Phase 2 of Open Banking in Saudi Arabia?

Build new services and unlock monetisation streams

Salt Edge offers open banking API solutions that empower businesses to create smart services for their customers. Set your open banking strategy for success and let us support you on this journey.

Highest security

• Dynamic registration
• First-line support

• Salt Edge is ISO 27001 certified
• SAMA's cyber security framework conformant
• All SAMA requirements are covered in the standard solution

Monetise Open Banking

Become Open Banking compliant

Build your next great products
with Open Banking

Start your Open Banking journey in Saudi Arabia with Salt Edge, a trusted and experienced partner.

Zero friction with
the TPPs

• On-premise deployment in 3 months

Get a globally proven solution with 100+ implemented APIs, localised for Saudi. The company enables banks and other financial institutions to become compliant and go to market in the shortest time, with minimal technical implications.

Go live in up to
3 months

 Act as an aggregator of data from Saudi banks using Salt Edge technology.

Salt Edge operates in an industry built on trust, and we achieve that through open communication. Fill in all the fields below and let our experts help you.

Open banking for every business

 Expand your services to cover 5000+ banks in GCC, EU & UK and beyond.

 Get access to all Saudi Banks with Salt Edge as TSP.

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Salt Edge offers a combination of best in class, successfully tested by the market Open Banking solutions - covering both compliance and banks' API connectivity.

Trusted by hundreds of financial
institutions globally

Over 200 banks and other financial institutions chose Salt Edge to build their new services powered by Open Banking.

Highly secure and stable technology

We are ISO 27001 certified and Open Banking licensed in the UK, employing the highest international security standards.

Full-stack Open Banking solutions

 Safe payments 

 Seamless transfers

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Getting compliant with Salt Edge
is easy, your sandbox is already set

We've built the developer portals for Saudi banks to offer an easy way to show how it starts. Find your bank's sandbox and see how simple it can be with Salt Edge by your side.

 Smarter lending

 Quick top-ups

 Strong customer authentication

Get access to all bank accounts data from 5,000+ banks globally and build next gen services for your customers. The raw bank data is transformed into valuable insights based on machine learning algorithms.

Account information and data enrichment

Payment initiation

Enable an effortless and low cost payments within your banking app, paid with other banks' accounts

Trusted by 200+ financial
institutions globally

Why choose Salt Edge

10 years delivering top-quality Open Banking solutions globally. Work with a dedicated team of open banking experts to achieve your business goals.

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